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  • Aluminum oxide, 120 grit, 50 lbs.
  • Blast MagicTM, 80 grit, 50 lbs.
  • Glass Beads, 100 grit, 50 lbs.
  • Walnut Shells, 20/30 grit, 25 lbs.

  • All abrasives are packaged in boxes with a heavy duty plastic liner

Pricing and Applications:

Aluminum Oxide:
  • Recommended for gunsmithing applications
  • Very hard and durable abrasive
  • Great for surface preparation prior to application of Cerakote or Duracoat
  • 120 grit particle size
Aluminum Oxide

Blast MagicTM:
  • Garnet based material
  • Long lasting, hard abrasive
  • Great for rust and paint removal from steel and cast iron
  • 80 grit particle size leaves a nice mat finish, ready to paint
Blast Magic

Glass Beads:
  • Perfect for softer metals like aluminum
  • 100 grit particle size leaves a smoother finish than Blast MagicTM
  • Great for aluminum intake manifolds
Glass Beads

Walnut Shells:
  • Perfect for delicate items and soft metals like brass
  • Will remove paint without harming base metal
  • Good for cleaning and polishing surface
  • Will not remove plating
  • Great for removing carbon from valves and pistons
  • Can be used to strip a car body without harming the sheet metal
Walnut Shells

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